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Jessie Harris
B meets Jessie Harris

Jessie Harris is a one-woman band or brand should we say (ba-dum! Sorry). As you'll soon realise she loves a statement earring! And who doesn't love a big fat shiny delight of a piece of metal hanging from their earlobe, neck or finger - seriously who doesn't? 

In reference to her latest collection Jessie's jewellery will have you doing a loop the loop you'll love it so much! One of our all-time favourite brands, her jewellery is modern and minimal but sassy and statement at the same time. Think precious metals of fine jewellery with the style of a relaxed, retro cool girl - and a fine, as in you'll like it, price tag.


We met Jessie at the same Shoreditch coffee shop where we met Anna Walker a few weeks earlier (didn't see the same Italian greyhound wearing a coat, but swooned over Jessie's engagement ring and went to Aesop to buy a soap after, so win win). Coincidentally the two have also worked together on this year’s Basics Store with a whole host of other brands who inspire them and us! You can shop Anna Walker here too.


My background is in Fine Art and during my time at university I mostly worked with sound as a medium. Although I loved working very conceptually, I had a desire to physically create, which is where my interest in jewellery really kicked off.

I feel like the brand really came into its own in 2012, with my first non-experiment collection! The growth was pretty organic at first with friends and family and then rippling out. I have also been lucky to have some really awesome contemporaries in the fashion industry, who I have collaborated with on collections and pop up shops, and who have also helped mound the brand.


I like to think of my jewellery as sculptural and minimal but with a fun, light-hearted essence to it. I want to be a brand that doesn't take itself too seriously; jewellery has to be fun. 

Jessie Harris jewellery styled shoot of earrings and rings in silver and gold - Premium style fine jewellery


There is an influence of retro futurism that runs through each collection. This being symbols, shapes, motifs, architecture, fashion from the 1960s and 70s that reference futuristic ideals. 

With my most recent collection, FIVE, I wanted to apply a rule of including a loop the loop in every style without just repeating it in the same way. It was quite a fun new approach to designing a collection for me. 


I was pretty much self-trained so my design process has been almost like an evolution of my physical capacity as a maker, which has been interesting to see develop. I use silver scraps to trial new designs, rather than drawing, as I like to see and feel a physical object. Every piece I make by hand myself in my London studio. That’s why every piece is made to order and has a little lead time, but it makes each one extra unique and special.

Jessie Harris jewellery London studio - work bench where designs are handcrafted and made to order - made in London - British independent niche brand


The hardest thing is being a one man, or woman band. I love to have creative control over everything which is a blessing and a curse at the same time!  


This may not be the most sensible advice, but going into something ever so slightly naively isn't always a bad thing. There's a lot to come up against which could scare you off if you overthink. Just work through things one step at a time and allow and enjoy things to grow organically.

Jessie Harris British jewellery brand showing us her London studio where she makes to order premium, modern, minimal, gold and silver earrings, rings, necklaces and bespoke pieces

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