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B meets Audacia

Audacia London launched in late 2015 by founder Lisa who believe it or not works a full-time career in investment banking -  not what you’d expect! Don’t worry her designs are not inspired by finance (although I’d take a top made of cold hard cash) but mostly by travel and the feeling there was something lacking from her holiday wardrobe.

See what you’re missing shop Audacia here.

Audacia really caught our eye, let’s face it print and colour always catches our eye but the designs really are exactly as Lisa describes – statement casual wear. The focus of Audacia is to be bold, functional and practical but make you look and feel amazing! I hate dressing for travel, I have horrible visions of velour tracksuits and want something as easy as pyjamas, Lisa has nailed this. But the prints are so cool you can team them with your regular wardrobe. The shapes of her swimwear are simply stunning and some of the swimsuits also make fabulous tops worn with a skirt thrown over (really swimsuits are just like a body, aren’t they? Multipurpose!).


I started the brand in the Autumn of 2015. Even though I followed a different interest for my academic studies designing clothes and starting my own womenswear brand has forever been a passion of mine. I simply decided on a less conventional route to pursue my ambition!

Audacia London - Casual travel wear - Silver Alana Shorts in flat lay - Studio B Fashion


I also work in foreign exchange sales for a French Investment bank so it would be safe to say that my professional career could not be further from a design based area! My whole life I have had an interest in fashion and designing my own clothes, but I studied Economics at University and have only ever worked in investment banking. I have no experience in luxury fashion, design, retail or marketing.


Audacia the word means the state or quality of being bold – having the confidence to make a statement. Not only with what you wear, but also in your frame of mine and attitude towards life. Therefore, our swimwear and casualwear designs are intended not only to be functional, but to be statement pieces. The variety of styles available aims to celebrate the different body types of women. The hope is that this will contribute to the body confidence and “audacity” of our customers.   

B – Love this meaning! We think it’s amazing people are now celebrating their body image and being proud of what they’ve got – shaking what ya mama gave you! We’ve used ourselves in some of our shoots to show our looks on real people -  B Transparent! Also check out the Warrior Woman project by @stylemesunday

Audacia London - Jordyn Shatter Glass Print Leggings - Casual activewear - Studio B Fashion


Each piece in this collection was created following a holiday or a trip where I felt that I had something missing from my wardrobe or a shortcoming in the pieces that I did already have. The Alana/Yasmin set for example were designed to be worn on a long flight – lightweight and comfortable. I chose to use neoprene for most of the collection because I wanted a crease-free and quick dry fabric, ideal for travel. Also, on holiday you need your clothes to be practical, but equally look amazing, so I created functional, statement additions to add to any wardrobe that can be styled in different ways.

B- We’re finding more and more we want to wear comfy, practical clothes, maybe as we’ve got a little older. Clothes that last and we’ll come back to, and love, year after year (not fancying a mini skirt so short it has built in pants anymore, no?).


Our signature swimwear pieces are all designed in-house and produced in Brazil; the home of the original bikini and one of the reasons I wanted to produce there! The names of each piece in the collection belong to strong, inspirational women and the women closest to me in my life.


I run the company on my own so it’s often difficult making decisions without someone else to turn to. I am however, extremely lucky that I have a great team around me – I have a wonderful, invaluable assistant and a great partner at home who believes in me and the brand more than anyone. The best bit is the wonderful feedback that I get from people and the way they say my designs make them feel; there is nothing more humbling than that.


Don’t be afraid to fail. Failure and mistakes happen but are invaluable, they teach us the most about ourselves. Once you accept that everything becomes less daunting. It is never going to be the right time, you are never going to have enough money, and that elusive “stage” (that you keep telling yourself you will be at before you finally pull the trigger) doesn’t exist, so just bloody go for it!

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